About Me

Hi I am Jon Chua!

I am currently a second year student studying Computer Science in National University of Singapore (NUS).

My interests are in Software Engineering and Artifical Intelligence.

Modules Taken in NUS School of Computing

  1. CS2102: Database Systems
  2. CS3216: Software Product Engineering for Digital Markets
  3. CS3219: Software Engineering Principles and Patterns
  4. CS3235: Computer Security
  5. CS4211: Formal Methods for Software Engineering

Teaching Assistant Roles:

  1. CS2040S: Data Structures and Algorithms
  2. CS2103T: Software Engineering
  1. CS2105: Introduction to Computer Networks
  2. CS3217: Software Engineering on Modern Application Platforms
  3. CS3230: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  4. CS3243: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  5. ES2660: Communicating in the Information Age

Teaching Assistant Roles:

  1. CS2040: Data Structures and Algorithms
  1. CS2101: Effective Communication for Computing Professionals
  2. CS2103T: Software Engineering
  3. CS2106: Introduction to Operating Systems
  4. CS2107: Introduction to Information Security
  5. GEH1036: Living with Mathematics
  6. ST2334: Probability and Statistics

Teaching Assistant Roles:

  1. CS2040: Data Structures and Algorithms
  2. CS1101S: Programming Methodology
  3. CS1010E: Programming Methodology
  1. CP2106: Orbital
  2. Source Academy Summer Programme: Frontend Testing Team
  3. Freshmen Orientation Week (FOW) 2019: Prologs Member
  1. CS1010R: Programming Methodology
  2. CS2030: Programming Methodology II
  3. CS2040: Data Structures and Algorithms
  4. CS2100: Computer Organisation
  5. IS1103: IS Innovations in Organisations and Society
  6. GER1000: Quantitative Reasoning
  7. GEQ1000: Asking Questions
  8. GES1021: Natural Heritage of Singapore
  1. CS1101S: Programming Methodology
  2. CS1231: Discrete Structures
  3. MA1101R: Linear Algebra I
  4. MA1521: Calculus for Computing
  5. GET1020: Darwin and Evolution